My name is Logan Winters and I'm ecstatic that you found me and my work. I am a 24-year-old portrait photographer from Cleveland Ohio. I have lived here my whole life and always will be my home that let me discover photography.

I have been doing photography seriously for about seven years of my life now. When I first picked up a camera I knew it was my mission to create art and capture memories for all the special humans in my life. I haven't stopped moving ever since, it is a perfect way for me to output my creative mind and meet new people.

My goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty of my subjects and make them feel comfortable and seen. Building relationships and creating art with the many different souls I encounter. Crafting Something they can hold onto and share forever. 

Questions people ask me!

What Camera do you use?

I use a Canon R6 and as a secondary Canon 6D Mark ii

What is your favorite style of Photography?

My heart will always be attached to editorial contemporary photography. I never limit myself for the possibilities of this art!

What Lenses do you use?

My favorite is the Canon 35mm f 1.4 lens. I also love my 24-70 Canon f2.8 lens.

What programs do you use to edit?

I mainly use Lightroom CC along with Photoshop CC. My curiosity is open to new programs as the tech world changes!

Why is a fern used in your branding?

The fern is a symbol of how I started and is tattooed on my body and all over my socials. A picture of a fern was the first photo I ever took on my camera